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We design spaces for our clients by creating and transforming areas in a functional and artistic way; creating beautiful and inspiring rooms through lighting options, a harmony of colors, and designs that match the client's personality and lifestyle. We believe our designs will embrace all that you and your family represent with a touch of flair and elegance.


We believe that decor is the art of knowing how to choose the most appropriate and necessary elements to dress and decorate the interior of a home or space. We use our great aesthetic sense and knowledge of harmony of colors to manifest the creation you envision. We take into account all the elements that influence the area or the spaces that we are going to decorate, such as light, wall height, furniture, materials used and finishes. From start to finish, we will coordinate and execute each interior design project with expert attention to detail. We put an emphasis on the collaborative relationship between client and designer every step of the way.

Interior Design in Costa Rica
Interior Design in Costa Rica

Home Staging

We take care of the aesthetic presentation in order to captivate the clients first impression and capture the attention of potential buyers or tenants.

Our goal is to highlight the attributes of a property which will turn a sale around quickly. Staged homes sell faster at a higher price.

We create a personalized proposal based on both the state of the property and the clients needs. It is especially important to generate interest based on the connection of a warm space with an original design. We stage homes to sell faster.

Renovation of Spaces

We focus on new styles and trends when renovating a project. We utilize the space in the best capacity while combining the harmony of tones, lighting, textures, art and elegance to create the space you envision.

We look for ways to make the space as functional and attractive as possible. We plan each renovation according to its purpose, whether to provide a leisure or professional environment.

Interpreting the clients expectations, needs, and style is the key to our success.

Interior Design in Costa Rica
Interior Design in Costa Rica

Design Advice

We offer virtual or face-to-face design advice services. The client can share a picture or a video of the space/home where we can offer proposals. The consultation will help guide you identify the best solutions when making a change or a renovation.

We provide advice in different areas:

  •  Space distribution
  •  Interior decoration
  •  Selection of art works
  •  Design according to Feng Shui
  •  Choice of textile elements
  •  Recommendations on natural and artificial lighting
  •  Guidance to choose the color palette for a specific area
  •  Where to find the furniture that best suits your space and style

The Process

Step 01

Initial Meeting

We will schedule a meeting, either in person or virtually, to discuss the area you have choosen to design based on your style, needs, budget and other details that you would like to incorporate into the design project.

Step 02


The proposal will include the finishes, furniture, lighting and the tones that we are going to implement to the project in order to offer a totally personalized and exclusive design. The proposal will also include a detailed budget of the items that would be purchased and installed in the project.

Step 03

Purchase or Manufacturing

Next, we will then proceed with the purchase and / or manufacture of all the items defined in the proposal stage.

Step 04

From Idea to Reality

We will execute the final product where together we design and create the perfect space of your dreams.

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